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As I write this today, it looks like President Donald Trump is planning to bring and end to the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program. But the fight’s not over yet. 

DACA was signed into being by President Barack Obama because congress was unable to pass legislation to deal with the many issues affecting our immigration system. Obama realized that very many young people in the US in an undocumented status did not come here by choice. Instead, they were brought here as children with no voice in the matter. To these young adults, Obama offered an option which became DACA.

Under DACA, these young people were able to obtain drivers licenses, apply for work, apply for financial aid to attend college and even start businesses.

Now, President Trump appears to be listening to the dark voices of his advisors and will likely end DACA. Reports indicate that he will give a six-month window before deportations start, presumably during which Congress will finally step up and codify the status currently granted to DACA recipients.

However, he has not signed the order ending DACA. So there is still the opportunity to make your voice heard in support of DACA and other DREAMers. Here is what you can do.

  1. Contract your congressional representative.  Ask them to support the new DREAM Act, or the BRIDGE act. Ask them to come out in support of these proposals TODAY.
  2. Contact your US Senator. Legislation will need to pass both the House and the Senate. Your Senators will need to vote in support of these bills.
  3. Contact the White House. Let the president know directly that you support DACA and DREAMers. Let him know that you want him to keep DACA in place until Congress comes up with a more permanent solution.

(This is only a start. Please leave other suggestions in the comments)

To find your representative in the House of Representative visit the Find Your Representative page.

To find contact information for your state’s senators, please visit the Senators of the 115th Congress page.

To make a comment for the President,  you can contact the comment line at 202-456-1111.
Other contact options are available on the Write or Call the White House web page.


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