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2014 Humanitarian Crisis – Recent History Lesson

We are currently facing a humanitarian crisis on our Southern border. To look at anti-immigrant protests in the news lately [1] one might think that this is a new problem that has started under the watch of the Obama administration. One would be mistaken. And badly, at that.

Let’s review some recent history related to immigration and immigration reform. Continue reading 2014 Humanitarian Crisis – Recent History Lesson

Placer People of Faith Together (PPOFT) visits with PCLDC

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, Flora Csontos of Placer People of Faith Together visited our General Membership meeting and spoke of PPOFT’s mission and accomplishments.

Of particular interest, was PPOFT’s work regarding immigrants (documented and undocumented).

Many thanks to Flora and PPOFT for all the work that they do.

Flora Csontos
Flora Csontos (PPOFT) visited PCLDC on January 11, 2014 to inform us of the work they do.