Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn Meets with Placer County Latino Democratic Club

Roseville Police Chief Daniel Hahn spoke to members of the Placer County Latino Democratic club and others in the community this week about community relations, policing, and Latino outreach in our area.

Chief Hahn spoke to us about his experience and work in law enforcement, as well as his background living as a minority in the Sacramento area and how his efforts to grow the relationship between the Roseville Police Department and the Latino community are inspired by his past experiences.

Although there were concerns that the Roseville Police is lacking in outreach towards the Latino community in the city, Chief Hahn expressed interest and stressed the importance of growing the relationship between the Police and Latinos by continuing certain efforts that have already been done such as driver’s license informational panels for undocumented workers, Spanish-language telephone options when dialing the Police Department, and neighborhood barbeques.

Members of the public in attendance asked questions to Chief Hahn, particularly in regards to gangs, minors, discrimination and traffic stops. He acknowledged the issue of problem-officers, but made it clear to immediately call the Police Department after any incident involving potential racial profiling.

[This review was provided by PCLDC member Rolando D.]

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