PCLDC at Democratic Convention

Three members of the Placer County Latino Democratic Club (PCLDC) will have the privilege of serving as delegates to the California Democratic Party (CDP) Convention in 2017.

California leads the nation in many ways. Many ideas and programs that begin here in California often make their way into other states, cities and neighborhoods across our great nation. Electing leaders who will continue to fight to move our state forward is an important task and responsibility.

Image of PCLDC Eboard members with Roza Calderon
PCLDC Executive Board members meeting CD4 candidate Roza Calderon.
(l to r) Steve Parker, Tomas Vera, Roza Calderon, Angela Torrens, and Kim Cowan

Tomas Vera (Chair), Angela Torrens (Vice-Chair), and Steve Parker (Secretary) will be visiting Sacramento, California May 19th through May 21st to help elect new leadership for the California Democratic Party.

In addition to electing new CPD leadership, they will be participating in various caucuses and committee meetings to help shape the legislative future of our state, and nation.

Updates from the convention will be posted soon.

If you would like to participate in events like the State Party Convention, or other events that will help the cause of increasing participation of Latinos and people of color in our political process, Join Us!

Our calendar year starts on July 1, 2017. Help us help our community!

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