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GOTV – Get Out The Vote

As I write this we have less than two weeks to go before the June 2018 election. Early mail ballot returns are much lower than we’d hoped. If we are going be part of a Blue Wave, we need EVERYONE to cast a ballot.

One thing that we can NOT do is stay home on election day. Latinos are a group that is under-represented in our Democracy. The way to change that is to cast a ballot on election day. Vote to support candidates that will represent YOU in our various levels of government.

In Placer County, we have local, state and federal races on the ballot, each of which will require our vote.


Jack Duran, Placer County District 1 Supervisor

Locally, we are supporting Jack Duran, who is defending his seat as Placer County District 1 Supervisor. He is running against a candidate who wants to overturn SB-54, the California Values Act. She has CHOSEN to appeal to the ugliness of racism and division in an effort to stir up her conservative base of voters.


Please contact the Jack Duran for County Supervisor campaign and see how you can help Jack keep representing the people of Placer County.


Jackie Smith, Assembly District 6

The people of Assembly District 6 are currently represented by a first-term GOP rubber-stamp that needs to be replaced.

Jackie Smith is a business-person who is ready to bring true representation back to AD6. She will work to represent EVERYBODY, not just the well-to-do donors. Jackie will need everyone’s help to get her message out to the voters.

Contact her campaign and see how you can pitch in to get Jackie to Sacramento.


Jessica Morse, Congressional District 4

Jessica Morse is working to replace an entrenched Tea-Party republican who doesn’t even live in the district he (mis)Represents.

Jessica has run a terrific campaign and has put herself in a position to challenge the incumbent in a manner not seen for quite a while. Her work history is impressive to say the least and will serve her well in Washington D.C.

Contact her team to get on board with her campaign.


Carla J Neal, Assembly District 5

Assembly district 5 is represented by a large white cowboy hat and little else.  This is a district that has a high percentage of SNAP usage and a representative who is against the program.

AD5 needs Carla J Neal to represent the needs of rural people in Sacramento. She is the fighter who will represent ALL the residents in AD5.

Contact her campaign to see how you can help you and your neighbors.