Election 2014

Election day is tomorrow!

Election day is tomorrow, Tuesday November 4th, 2014.

Ballots received after 8:00 PM on election day WILL NOT BE COUNTED.
If you have not yet mailed your absentee ballot, you will need to drop it off in person at your local precinct. Your precinct information is on your sample ballot. If you can not find your sample ballot and you do not know where your local precinct is located, visit the Placer Elections website to find your local polling place.

You may also visit the website of the California Democratic Party to find your polling location as well as see which candidates and positions the party is endorsing. Visit the Endorsements page on the California Democratic Party website.

Take your sample ballot to the polls. It contains information that will help you find your polling place (including your PRECINCT NUMBER). It will also help you remember how you intend to vote. The excitement of actually stepping into a polling booth can sometimes cause you to forget how you intend to vote on down-ballot positions. Marking and taking your sample ballot with you into the polling booth will help you remember who you intend to support.

Have a form of ID with you. In California you will not be required to show an ID to vote this this election (first time voters ARE required to show ID in some circumstances, but not in this election). If you are confronted with a request for ID, present your ID, take down the number of your precinct, get the name of the precinct JUDGE or INSPECTOR, and report this information to your local elections office. It’s better to cast your ballot today, and contest the actions of the poll workers tomorrow, than to not have your ballot count at all.

Remind every person you know to GET OUT AND VOTE. It will take you a few minutes, but the decisions made tomorrow will affect you, your children, and your community for years to come.

Latinos are impacted by the results of elections in great numbers. Don’t let others make decisions for you. GET OUT AND VOTE.

None of us can make a difference alone. But

Together We Can!

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