Be the dream

Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life without having seen his dream come true.

Today, we see our leaders working to degrade much of the progress that has been made since the last 50+ years.

Today, we see young people threatened with deportation despite growing up as our neighbors, friends, and family, and contributing to our American DREAM in so many ways.

Today, we see groups that are formed around hate and division emboldened enough to walk openly in our community, rather than hiding in shame.

So, today, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, take action to help bring his dream to fruition. It doesn’t take much. Something as simple as a greeting to your neighbor, a smile to that child walking in the park is a start toward bringing all of us together as ONE community.

If you want to make a more positive statement and be more proactive in bringing us closer to realizing Dr. King’s dream, join in one of the many marches happening throughout our community. Then make a telephone call to your Member of Congress and encourage them to support a “clean” DREAM Act working its way through congress right now.

The dream lives through you. Be the dream.


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