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2017 California Democrats State Convention

The 2017 California Democrats State Convention has just concluded. This convention included the election of Officers of the State Party. Several members and friends of Placer County Latino Democratic Club had the opportunity to participate. 

John Burton, outgoing CDP Chair
Outgoing Chair of the California Democratic Party, John Burton

The highlight of the convention was the election of a new State Party Chair. John Burton was leaving after eight years at the helm of our state Party. During his tenure, California Democrats have taken made our state the world’s sixth largest economy (and we’re still growing).

Convention delegates on the floor.
There was lots of passion from the Bauman and Ellis camps. Testament to two great candidates.

As you are probably aware, the contest between Eric Bauman and Kimberly Ellis was extremely close.  There was passion on both sides, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a long time. In the end Bauman won by a mere 60 votes, out of nearly 3,000 votes cast.

Roza Calderon at Chicano Latino Caucus
CD4 Candidate Roza Calderon addresses the Chicano Latino Caucus

PCLDC friend (and US Congressional District 4 (CD 4) Candidate) Roza Calderon was elected Chair of the Rural Caucus. With large parts of Placer County and CD 4 being categorized as rural, her presence there will ensure that rural issues in Placer County are addressed by our party and our representatives.

Gubernatorial Candidates at CLC Caucus
Antonio Villaraigosa, Delaine Eastin, and John Chiang addressed the Chicano Latino Caucus

The Chicano Latino Caucus hosted a forum for Candidates for Governor which was attended by Delaine Eastin, John Chiang, and Anotnio Villaraigosa.

Tomas Vera and Ami Bera
Tomas Vera (PCLDC Chair) meeting Ami Bera and discussing PCLDC.

Most importantly, this was an excellent opportunity for our members to help spread the word about the work that PCLDC is doing and will do in the future.

You can participate at the convention in a couple of different ways. If you would like to learn more about this, please contact us. Or better yet, attend our next meeting on June 10, 2017.

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