2014 / 2015 was a busy year!

I was filling out out club’s re-certification paperwork and I was a little shocked at just how much our club was able to accomplish last year.

Here’s a sampling of the events in which we participated:
  • Sierra College Political Awareness Day
  • Sierra College La Semana Latina Events
  • Manned a voting precinct in Roseville for the primary and general election
  • Manned a shift at the Placer County Fair for voter registration
  • Participated in several neighborhood voter registration walks
  • Contributed many, many hours in preparing the door hangers for voters
  • Participated in Placer Elections’ High School voter registration/ education events
  • Organized the float and marchers/clubs for the Roseville Clubs’ 4th of July float
  • Hosted a Winery luncheon / fundraiser
  • Held our annual Holiday dinner
Next year will be just as great.
  • The Placer County Fair is just a few weeks away.
  • Followed by the 4th of July parade just a week later.
  • We will always be looking for ways to continue our voter registration efforts.
  • Then we will again man a precinct in Roseville for the 2016 Primary and Presidential election.
  • There are several bills in the California legislature which will require our attention.
  • We hope to hold another Foothills winery luncheon and
  • We plan on holding another holiday party.
  • We plan on hosting our first September 16th celebration in Royer Park. (We’re just getting started in planning this. If you want to help plan this, now’s the time to let us know!)
If you would like to help us bring Latinos to the political forefront in Placer County, stop by our next meeting and join our club. There’s nothing as satisfying as knowing you’ve helped someone make a difference in their own future.
Remember:  Together We Can!

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